What is the Flowstate? Jared believes in living life to the fullest and always being in the present moment. He believes in teaching others, while reminding everyone how to live in The Flowstate. “The Flowstate” is typically a term used in extreme sports describing the strongest sense of being in the zone. Extreme sports athletes require intense focus in their sport, because their lives depend on it. When you reach the Flowstate, you are so hyper-focused that nothing else matters except what you are doing at that specific moment. 

The Flowstate is a concept that we should live by at all times and in any activity, not just in extreme sports. By channeling all of the energy that we normally store, we can unlock our maximum potential, which empowers us to sincerely give our all. One-hundred percent of our focus is dedicated to our craft, passions and to the people around us. Think of the possibilities we can achieve by doing this!

Reaching The Flowstate is actually very similar to “reaching enlightenment.”  To understand how to truly live in the moment is the fundamental key to taking in and appreciating all the wonder and beauty this world has to offer. Jared believes that “adrenaline junkies” aren’t actually living for the adrenaline, but are instead living to constantly reach The Flowstate again and again. That feeling of “feeling so alive” in those moments that they are so close to death is simply them taking it all in and truly appreciating life. 

Since Social Media is currently one of the most powerful tools in reaching the world on a viral scale, millions of people are able to share their abilities, creativity and achievements, which encourages others to reach new heights by challenging themselves to push new limits. One of Jared’s biggest examples of personally living in “The Flowstate” is sharing his message with the world and helping people reach their potential of living life in the most conscious way possible, taking advantage of every single second and living life to the fullest.

However, there is also a negative side to social media. It can become a toxic environment contributing to self-criticism and the insatiable search for validation, which is counterproductive to living in The Flowstate. Knowing this, Jared’s goal is to use his social media presence to inspire and encourage you in a positive way by teaching you how to live in The Flowstate. He wants to encourage you to use social media for what it’s intended for – following and supporting friends and people that inspire you, and admiring places or things that you enjoy. 

Most importantly he wants to encourage you, through his content, to go out there and do things that allow you to step out of your comfort zone to grow into the best version of you and improve your mental health by discovering peace and happiness. Find your Flowstate, unlock your maximum potential and share your story to inspire others, so we can ultimately reach The Flowstate together. 


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